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Behind the Camera -
Barbara Breitsameter

There sitting close by Barbara are her constant companions, Uta & Ping.  "I am surrounded with love and fur, here at home and on the job.", chuckles Barbara.  The bond she has with her dogs over the years is what inspired her to master her craft as a dog photographer -- to celebrate our canine companions and the people they love.

For over a decade Barbara has worked as a professional photographer.  Barbara's natural instinct for connecting with her subjects, that comfort and ease, enables her to capture portraits that are full of life and personality.  Traditional or Lifestyle,  Barbara is also very skilled and educated in creating portraits that best matches your style and personality.

Barbara mentors aspiring dog photographers, co-instructs pet photography workshops with Paw Print Divas & a Dude nation-wide, is a national speaker on the fine art of dog photography and is an International award-winning photographer.  

Winner of the Professional Photographers of America - PPA -  Prestigious 2013 Platinum Medal Award

Platform Speaker  Imaging USA National Convention 2015 Nashville

PPA Imaging USA is the largest yearly convention for professional photographers where thousands attend from around the world.  Barbara will be one of the Platform Speakers presenting, Best In Show - The Fine Art of Pet Photography


Paw Print Divas & a Dude - Instructor

Barabara Breitsameter, Kim Hartz, Jenny Froh and Dan Ablan are full time, working professional photographers. Every aspect of the workshop comes from years of dedicated professional experience of these talented photographers

Print Competition

Barbara Breitsameter - Platinum Photographer of the Year 2013

"PPA's International Photographic Competition is the gold standard for photography competitions and features the best of the best photographers from around the world every year. Having an image "go loan"—chosen for inclusion in the world's most prestigious photo exhibit—is an achievement pro photographers cherish." - quote from the PPA IPC website